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Australian OSINT Symposium 2023

Learn from the best in the Industry

12th - 14th September 2023

Sydney, Australia

Tickets on Sale now!







The Australian OSINT Symposium is the one and only open source intelligence knowledge and skill building event in Australia. It is a conference for anyone interested in OSINT to come together and collaborate.  Presenters and attendees will share techniques, methodologies and experiences to enhance intelligence and business outcomes and foster connection and collaboration within Australian and the global OSINT ecosystem #OSINTforgood! 


We are excited to share that 2023 Australian OSINT Symposium will be run in Sydney this year.  We will also be live streaming the event with a fantastic new provider so attendees from across the globe can join in and hear from industry professionals!

What's new for 2023?  

In previous years we have had a government only, closed door day followed by an open door day.  This year we are taking a multi stream approach so that everyone can attend both days and have sessions to enjoy.  Our 3rd day of Training remains the same.  We are planning over 22 sessions across the 2 days, so there will be something for everyone!  Check out our growing list of speakers further down this page. 

Day 1 and 2

Two days of sessions by OSINT Professionals, Investigators, Consultants, Intelligence Analysts, OSINT enthusiasts and so many more.  Each day will start with attendees together hearing incredible sessions relevant to all.

During the middle of the days we will run two consecutive streams tailored to an open door and closed door audience. 

Open Door Stream - series of sessions by industry professionals to discuss OSINT, share valuable knowledge and foster greater public-private partnerships.

Closed Door Stream - series of sessions by and for Law Enforcement, Military and Federal agencies to discuss operational lessons learnt, OSINT tradecraft and emerging trends.

Day 1 will wrap with a networking function.

Tuesday, 12th September and Wednesday, 13th September
(in person and virtual)

Day 3

Our virtual training day is designed for both beginners and experienced practitioners.
Our comprehensive training will guide you through the process of building an OSINT toolkit. Our trainers will demonstrate replicable techniques through diverse case studies, such as country-specific research, disinformation, and cybersecurity.
Throughout the training, you'll learn how to not only collect information, but also how to interpret and derive meaningful insights.

Whether you're new to OSINT or looking to take your skills to the next level, this training will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to increase your capability. 

Thursday, 14th September
(virtual only)

2023 Registrations 

2023 Registration options
In Person
  • All open door speaker sessions (closed door sessions for approved audience) over 2 days

  • Networking event

  • Access to recorded content post event

Register after
30th June 2023
$300 + GST
  • All Livestream sessions (closed door sessions for approved audience) over 2 days

  • Access to recorded content post event

$120 + GST
Training Day
  • Full day live virtual training 

  • Instructor lead

  • Resource Pack

  • Access to gamified OSINT learning to test your skills  

$450 + GST

The Venue

Hilton Sydney 

488 George Street, Sydney

Telephone: +61-2-9266-200

The Venue
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