Australian OSINT Symposium 2021
Sep 07, 9:00 AM GMT+10 – Sep 09, 5:00 PM GMT+10
Location is QT in Canberra & Virtual

The Australian OSINT Symposium is a conference for government groups, corporations & the public to come together and collaborate on open source intelligence techniques & share experiences to foster greater efficiencies and effectiveness within Australian & global organizations

Day 1

Closed-door sessions specific for law enforcement, government agencies & military around the world

Access to this day of sessions will be made available only to registrants who can identify through a work email address

Session Details

This day will see a series of leading speakers from national security agencies, law enforcement & militaries from around the world share valuable insights on the role OSINT plays in the modern information environment, how it applies to a range of topics from counter-terrorism, counter-human-trafficking, modern combative environments & criminal investigations.

As a closed-door event, unclassified but more sensitive topics will be discussed with an intent to collaborate with international partners on emerging techniques & challenges


Day 2

Open-door sessions by industry professionals to discuss OSINT within the corporate sector & foster greater public-private partnerships in Australia

Session Details

This day will see a series of industry experts in the OSINT & security environment provide valuable insights into how they use OSINT to support their operations & the challenges of working in public-private partnerships to address corporate responsibilities & national security requirements. 

Practitioners through to senior leadership across a broad spectrum of industries & experiences will provide a mosaic of how important OSINT is for the corporate sector & the protection of people in the modern information society


Day 3

Formal Training Sessions delivered by OSINT Combine

This day will be available for those who purchase a Day 3 pass on registration

Applied Disinformation

with OSINT

This session will provide a deep dive on applied disinformation for the tactical & operational practitioner. We will learn about the origins of disinformation, understand how modern troll networks operate, investigate fake news & define a methodology for dealing with misinformation & disinformation in the work environment

Investigating Supply Chains

with OSINT

Supply chain risk from cyber or human compromise is becoming one of the biggest problems in modern society. Often the human is the weakest link where adversaries target the digital footprints of staff & leverage the online society for asymmetric advantages. We will learn how to investigate organisations & their staff for indicators of compromise, identify potential insider threats & highlight vulnerabilities of employees from their digital footprints which can lead to influence or compromise as part of the supply chain using open-source intelligence

Dark Web Investigations

This session will introduce participants to the Dark Web, provide an understanding of the attribution risks associated & learn how to find various marketplaces as part of your investigations

Additionally, we will explore effective search techniques to when looking for information on the dark web


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