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Australian OSINT Symposium 2024

Learn from the best in the industry

11th - 12th September 2024

The Hilton Sydney, Australia

Tickets on Sale now!






Save the date 11-12 September 2024 - Australian OSINT Symposium 2024 – OSINT Tailwinds


The Australian OSINT Symposium is the one and only dedicated open-source intelligence knowledge and skill building event in Australia. It is a conference for anyone interested in OSINT to come together and collaborate.  Presenters and attendees will share techniques, methodologies, insights, and experiences to enhance intelligence and business outcomes and foster connection and collaboration within the Australian and the global OSINT ecosystem #OSINTforgood! 


Join us in Sydney, Australia, from 11-12 September for the fourth annual Australian OSINT Symposium, the leading open-source intelligence event in the Southern Hemisphere, dedicated to enhancing knowledge and building skills and networks in the OSINT community.  

This year’s theme, OSINT Tailwinds, focuses on exploring current advancements driving OSINT forward; showcasing real-world examples of cutting-edge OSINT in action; identifying untapped OSINT opportunities to help make the word a safer place; and, confronting the challenges that lie ahead...together!

Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to collaborate, learn, and share insights. 

Symposium Highlights

  • Artificial Intelligence and Other Disruptive Forces: Explore how AI, machine learning, and other disruptive technologies are revolutionizing OSINT.  Learn about the latest AI-driven tools for data collection and analysis, natural language processing for trend prediction, and the ethical implications of these advanced technologies.

  • Lessons from the field: Listen and learn from experts as they share case studies showcasing how OSINT is being successfully used in a variety of sectors, hear tips and tricks on building a robust OSINT capability, learn how OSINT is used in the heat of crisis management decisions and for gaining strategic advantage, all the while navigating the challenges of mis- and dis-information, privacy, and legal compliance. 

Why Attend

The Australian OSINT Symposium is not just any conference; it’s the only event of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, offering a unique platform for collaboration and learning within the OSINT ecosystem.  Whether you’re an intelligence and/or security professional, policymaker, or tech enthusiast, this symposium provides an invaluable opportunity to engage with thought leaders from around the globe, network with peers, and stay on the bleeding edge of OSINT.

Don’t miss out on this chance to shape the future of intelligence, make sure you’re a part of the conversation that will define how you realize the power of open-source intelligence.

Tickets go on sale soon!

Training Day

Back by popular demand, we will be offering a virtual training day to coincide with the Australian OSINT Symposium.  This year, the opt-in virtual training day will occur the day before our Symposium kicks off. 

This virtual training is designed for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. 

Join our trainers as they demonstrate replicable techniques through diverse case studies, such as country-specific research, disinformation, and cybersecurity.
Throughout the training, you'll learn how to not only collect information, but also how to interpret and derive meaningful insights.


Tuesday, 10th September
(virtual only)

Symposium Days

Two days packed with presentations, panel sessions, discussion, and networking. 

  • Gain exposure to cutting edge ideas in OSINT, including AI

  • Hear from global thought leaders

  • Network with industry and capability partners, intelligence professionals, and security peers, and more.

Don't miss the networking function at Marble Bar from 5-7pm on the Wednesday Evening.

Wednesday, 11th September and Thursday, 12th September

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