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Aaron Breban

Aaron Breban.jpg

Founder and CEO,

Opes Cyber Security

Aaron is the Founder and CEO of Opes Cyber Security. Aaron spent the majority of his early career within the Australian Defence Force, being lucky enough to serve the 2nd Commando Regiment for 6 years. Whilst facilitating the growth of Opes Cyber Aaron also works as an Executive member within the DXC National Security Account under Ric Bulluss.

Opes Cyber Security’s foundation is built on one of our core principles of Collaborate before Compete. Opes strives to assist in the build-up of Australia’s sovereign Cyber Security identity, focusing on 2 main outcomes; the protection of Australia’s sovereign capabilities, and the exploitation of our adversaries. Opes Cyber Security is focused on the development of sovereign capability and the career development of our employees. Opes is not a commercially driven entity, partners, collaboration and reputation are at our core.

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