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Alisa Gbiorczyk

Hiding While Watching: Managed Attribution for Everyone Working with care, learn to keep your footprint at a minimum while you cyber surveil, check in on or research sensitive targets. The OSINT’er approach to managing security must be tightened down, but not overthought.

As CEO & Founder of CYBER NITEWATCH, Alisa Gbiorczyk is dedicated to providing research, intelligence, training, and support to the world. In her career, Alisa has collected and analyzed high-quality data, identified victims and traffickers, researched various aspects of human trafficking, mapped out transnational criminal networks, led international operations, and assisted and trained authorities
worldwide. As criminal techniques continue to evolve, she conducts research into their evolving strategies. In addition to holding a master's degree in international relations from Harvard University, Alisa is a member of the OSCE International Survivor Advisory Council (ISTAC), and a member of INTERPOL's Human Trafficking Expert Group, and a member of the Global Association of Human Trafficking Scholars.

Her certifications include Certified Human Trafficking Investigator (CHTI), Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator (CCI), certified social & behavioral investigator , certified in human trafficking in emergencies & conflict zones, certified in open-source intelligence, and a certified trainer in human rights issues.

In the United States, she has identified victims of human trafficking using indicators recognized by law enforcement, government agencies, and peer-reviewed journals. In collaboration with law enforcement and other stakeholders, Alisa has identified human trafficking networks operating across the United States. Finally, she assisted in the generation of 765 intelligence reports identifying advertisements with
indicators of human trafficking for law enforcement. At the international level, Alisa led an international operation that conducted research and intelligence collection regarding human trafficking networks in Europe. Alisa has provided training on cyber-enabled human trafficking and migrant smuggling to INTERPOL’s Human Trafficking and Crimes Against Children Units. After starting her own intelligence
agency, she trained Law Enforcement in South Africa, US Financial Institutions and Law Enforcement in the US, and Canadian law enforcement officials. Alisa strives to disrupt criminal networks worldwide by utilizing her voice, cyber knowledge, research, and personal experience. She is driven by a desire to safeguard the population, protect the vulnerable, and bring criminals to justice.


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