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Jessica Skinner and Beau Jose

Beyond the Algorithm: The Human Touch in Effective Risk Assessment and Supply Chain Analysis

With close to two decades of service in the Royal Australian Navy, Beau Jose has established himself as a skilled expert in Compliance and Security. Leading the Audit, Compliance, and Consulting team at Omni, Beau's contributions have been recognised through the National Defence Excellence in Security Award. Central to Beau's expertise is his skills in conducting thorough Security Risk Analyses and Threat Assessments. His understanding of these processes, essential for ensuring supply chain confidence, establishes him as an advocate for informed decision-making. With a wealth of experience in management and compliance, Beau has served as a Board Member for multiple educational institutions and held an eight-year tenure in security roles such as the as the Command Security and Emergency Control Officer for HMAS Stirling. In this role, Beau assumed responsibility for overseeing establishment-wide personnel and physical security, along with crisis and emergency management. Additionally, his active engagement with the Western Australian Intelligence Committee underscores his involvement with intricate security concerns, thus enriching his nuanced comprehension of multifaceted issues.


In collaboration with co-presenter Jessica, Beau will explore supply chain vulnerabilities and tailored risk assessments. Their presentation outlines the essential role of a comprehensive approach to supply chain assurance, anchored by ISO 28000:2007. Through real-world case studies and practical insights, Beau highlights the necessity for human analysis in an evolving technological and data-driven assessment landscape.


Jessica Skinner is an accomplished Primary Security Analyst and Omni's subject matter expert in contemporary open-source intelligence (OSINT) with a remarkable track record of contributions to the field of security analysis.  Jess' notable involvement includes projects such as the Commonwealth Future Submarine Project, high-level government and executive security risk assessments, and security analysis catered to high-net worth individuals, showcasing her adaptability and expertise.


With an extensive career background encompassing engagements within both government and private sectors, Jess' leadership within the Security Threat and Risk Consultancy team at Omni has been instrumental.  Holding a Bachelor of International Studies with a focus on security studies, Australian foreign policy, and global security, alongside proficiency in French, Jess' multidisciplinary foundation enriches her analytical approach. Her dedication to continuous learning is evident through her consistent engagement in supplementary courses focused on open-source intelligence and security enhancement coupled with international experience across 39 countries, Jess fosters insights that are distinctly global in scope and domestically focused.

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