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Dallas Knight

The Power and Pitfalls of Open Source Intelligence Analysis

Dallas Knight's extraordinary journey spans from a dedicated Army combat veteran to a visionary executive in the corporate world. Transitioning seamlessly from military service, she embarked on a remarkable career as an Intelligence Analyst with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Her unparalleled dedication earned her an appointed role within the NV HIDTA under the DEA, where for nearly a decade, she relentlessly dismantled criminal syndicates, disrupting intricate narcotic operations. Transitioning to the corporate sector, Ms. Knight emerged as a technology company executive, spearheading patented innovations to conquer industry challenges while ensuring customer satisfaction and driving overall success. Beyond corporate feats, her commitment to justice shines through as she advocates with the NGO Skull Games, relentlessly pursuing human traffickers and mentoring survivors turned analysts. Dallas Knight's unwavering commitment, from battlefield to boardroom, exemplifies an indomitable spirit dedicated to bettering the world.

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