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Julie Jones

Human Trafficking: A Tech-Facilitated Global Epidemic

Julie Jones is the founder and CEO of Human-i Intelligence Services, an exclusive digital security, investigations, and threat management company based in Vancouver, Canada. Julie is a sought-after public speaker and the best-selling author of “How to Become a World-Class Investigator”. A former police detective and undercover operator with the West Yorkshire police, Julie now provides expert advice and guidance to law enforcement, government, military, NGO’s, individuals and corporations.


A global educator for over a decade, Julie has developed and delivered training programs on the topics of internet investigations, cybercrime, intelligence analysis, data security, digital currency, human trafficking, coercive control and organized crime in over 20 countries. More recently, Julie has trained the newly formed Risk and Threat Unit in “Strengthening Criminal Investigations and Evidence Sharing in Central America” in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, sponsored by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Development, Canada.

Julie is an Ambassador for Embrace Child Victims of Crime and is a member of the Advisory Council for the Anti-Trafficking Intelligence Initiative, a non-profit organization focused on intelligence gathering and financial crime relating to human trafficking and modern slavery. She is an engaged member of the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance, the Canadian Association of Threat Assessment Professionals, the High-Tech Crime Investigation Association and ASIS International.

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