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Mike Monnik




Mike is an internationally renowned expert in drone and counter-drone security, and the CEO of drone threat intelligence firm DroneSec. He has been invited to share and train the US Secret Service, SOCOM, FBI, INTERPOL and DoD. Mike has prior experience as a Red Team lead using OSINT to physically and digitally infiltrate facilities such as jails and power stations. Mike stood up an OSINT team for a private organisation that conducted OSINT on executives, M&A’s and organisation assets. Mike has created OSINT Capture-The-Flag competitions (C2C CTF, CYBAR, SecTalks, Deakin) and challenges for more than 2000+ players including the infamous “Locating the Wollemi Pine”. Mike and his wife have privately worked on missing persons cases, directly locating both alive and deceased family members. Today, Mike and his team use OSINT to protect organisations such as the European Commission, UK, Israeli, Canadian, Swedish and Netherlands Law Enforcement from malicious drone threats.

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